Welcome to the coalition JC, might as well start using your codename. UNATCO has been monitoring the use of the code 0451. Intelligence thinks it has something to do with the book Fahrenheit 451, allegedly it's the temperature required for a book to catch fire. We don't know why people around the world have independently decided on using this code. Your mission is to collect as many instances of its use as possible so we can start connecting the dots. Good Luck JC.

Deus Ex

The engineers back at base made the code to the comms array 0451.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

A door code for an office? Why does that sound so familar?


Code is found by LOOKING beyond the whiskey GLASS

System Shock

The first recorded use. How can you challenge a perfect, immortal machine?

System Shock 2

Do not be fooled by !)*&^% this code, it's actually *&%$!^ 0451 in disguise!


The last guy tried to start the reactor using 0451, now he's dead. Damn! It's supposed to work every time!

Fallout 4

0451 is scribbled on the wall beside the terminal yet the first digit can't be set to 0, only 10. Weird

Prey (2017)

Now it's the code to YOUR office!


The last keypad in the game.

Gone Home

"Katie, you know dad is into all these weird conspiracies, think of a 4-digit code he would use! -Best, Sam"

Weird West

Well I'll be! Didn't expect to see you here out in the Weird Wild West!