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Hey there! My name's Gina, welcome to my Code Korner (^w^)! This is where I practice my JavaScript and build a variety of tools for the site. I've also added a little progress bar to roughly gauge my skill. As you can see, I'm still very new at this! I won't really go into how each tool works as It's very much throwing science at the wall and seeing what sticks!

Feel free to make use of any of the code here; it's rudimentary and probably breaks a lot of design rules, but if it helps you get some functionality on your website than please go ahead!

P.S: Any videos generated by these tools will autoplay!


Level : Newb

Project #1 Randomization on button press.

Varient #1: Randomized text

Varient #2: Randomized image/gif

Varient #3: Randomized video/music

Project #2 Static image to animated gif on mouse hover

Project #3 Hour|Min|Second timer

varient #1 Time spent on page

Please don't sit around waiting; there are no time releated secrets yet!

varient #2 using time to animate frames

Coming soon

Project #4 Simple user input

Varient #1: Static answer

What is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything?

Varient #2: Dynamic answer

How many minutes have you been on this page?

Project #5 Modify CSS of page

Varient #1: Invert colors

Varient #2: Gradual color change

Varient #3 Value Slider

Project #6 Simple animations

Varient #1: Back and forth

Varient #2: Spin it!

Varient #3: Bounce!

Project #7 Mouse effects

coming soon

Varient #1: Animated cursor

Varient #2: trail effects