What is a YTPMV?

YTPMV or YouTube Poop Music Video is an artform that, in essence, turns sounds into instruments. Videos (known as sources) are taken to be picked apart for sounds and matched up to a song (known as the BGM or Background Music). The term YouTube Poop (YTP) is used here as the sources, like a YTP are modified and remixed i.e., pitch shifting, voice splicing, clip reversing, etc. Commonly, the sources used in YTPMVs come from popular YTP sources so there is overlap between the two communities.

You may also come across the term MAD or Music Anime Douga (Translators Note: Douga means video). These are pretty much Japanese YTPMVs though, some make the distinction that MADs focus more on voice mixing. I would argue against that as the premise of both formats is so broad anything can go. In fact, I'd say the biggest distinction you can make are the sources used!

Check out some YTPMVs below!


videos vary in volume