Melvin's World!

About the webmaster.


Age: Late 20's

Hey, I'm Melvin (or Gina) and I run this little website. Why you ask? I just miss how the internet used to look, everything is so.. corporate now. Guess you could call this my revenge on the world X3

I consider myself an artist, though I dont have any formal training. I mainly dabble in animation and drawing. One of my goals for this website is to challenge myself to make my own assets, most of the ones on the home page were made by me!

My interests are varied and frequently change, so expect some pages to change with time while others are left unchanged/abandoned due to lack of interest

I am completely against modern social media and have never participated in its culture. I kindly ask that none of the content or pages of this website be shared to any social media platforms outside of Neocites and other related personal website circles as it would be antithetical to everything my website stands for. This website is my personal domain, intended as a reflection of myself and not to be used as some kind of commodity.

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