Melvin's World!


10/7/22 to 10/13/22 - Added G-AMP to YTPMV page to showcase popular BGM. Added new game to the secret code page. Various minor fixes

10/7/22 - Minor adjustments to GCK. Added Ronald McDonald section to YTPMV page

9/30/22 to 10/4/22 - Added Deathloop to recent plays, new code project in GCK and added a bioshock themed banner ad

9/2/22 to 9/19/22 - Added Gaia Online to PFOG. Added Max Payne 3 and The Procession to Calvary to Recent Plays. Added Seinfeld themed button and made a button for a friend's secret page.

9/1/22 - Added Runescape and Pirates of The Caribbean Online to the PFOG page!

8/30/22 - Added new sections and pictures to the Mabi page!

8/17/22 - Added new images to Oddities page and made a new secret drink for the bar

7/24/22 to 7/28/22 - Improved 007 Nightfire description on Oddities page. Added a couple of things to the Brute Force description on the Xbox page. Added new game to the secret keypad page

7/21/22 - Built this chat thing for Gina's Code Korner. Will use it as a base for later projects hopefully!

7/14/22 - Added Red Alert 3 button

7/12/22 - Added button to manually randomize the banner ad on home page. Added "Java" to drink selection in bar. Added more characters to The Edge Zone.

7/11/22 - Added "This is Bob" and "Press X to Jason" buttons + Planescape torment banner ad. Added pictures of Dante and Raiden to The Edge Zone. Added disc pictures to the bar. Made a changelog.

7/2/22 - Recently figured out how to rotate images in CSS and JavaScript. Remade Jukebox in the bar, now fully functional!


Gina's Code Korner released!


Added a page where I keep track of my JavaScript progress and experiment!

Xbox page released!


Added a memories page dedicated to the original Xbox, the console I grew up on!

Oddities page released!


Take a look at some relics from the past! Some small personal stories as well.

Melvin's World released to the public!


After 4 years in development, hopefully it's been worth the wait!



On this day I started working on Melvin's World! Atleast in this form, there were many prototypes going as far back as late 2017!