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Weird West

WolfEye Studios Steam

Date finished 4/6/22

Weird West is a real-time isometric RPG set in a paranormal version of the Wild West. It follows 5 characters dealing with their own dilemmas as they seek answers to the mysterious brand that connects them.

The game boasts a dynamic world but not a lot of viable ways to approach dialogue and combat scenarios. The open world also felt barren, a lot of locations are reused and don't offer much in the way of unique areas, items, or quests. However, the atmosphere and character stories under the backdrop of a greater mystery more than made up for this! I found combat to be fun as well, having it be real-time instead of turn-based was a brilliant choice! I felt like I was playing a reimagining of classic Fallout! The soundtrack was also really good! Not your typical western stuff, a lot of glitchy noise, and electronic ambience.

Overall, I enjoyed Weird West; it's gameplay may have not been fully realized, but the story was engaging enough that I never found myself bored or frustrated during my 22-hour playthrough


Spytihněv Steam

Currently in development. Piece written as of early access build 0.4.8 (3/6/22)

HROT is a Quake-like FPS set in an alternate soviet era Czechoslovakia. It is currently being developed by indie dev Spytihněv.

HROT oozes atmosphere. Everything is brown and dingy; the music is haunting; the world feels undead. Strange creatures; both humanoid and paranormal, are the only remaining inhabitants. There's a looming sense of dread as you explore; you never know what to expect as you delve deeper into this horrifying world!

I'm really impressed so far; the gameplay is solid; it plays exactly how an old-school FPS should. There are limited resources, secrets, boss fights and tons of little details scattered throughout! The levels are also very well designed; I hardly found myself lost. Velhartice (E2M2) in particular, is brilliant! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time!

Spytihněv is clearly passionate about this project; I'm excited to see how this game grows!

Outer Wilds

Mobius Digital Steam

Date finished 2/25/22

I went into this game blind. During the little tutorial I was honestly confused and a bit hesitant to continue, however I am so glad I did. This game is beautiful, the sounds the sights, and the story! Space always brings about this confusing stew of emotions, it should be terrifying, however you just can't help but be enthralled by its beauty.

My only caveat is that it can feel frustrating at times; I implore you to pull through, the ending is worth it!

Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar Steam

Date finished 2/14/22

Despite being so late to the party, I managed to go in blind! As a Rockstar game, I avoided it since I'm not keen on Rockstar's brand of humor & writing. A friend of mine however, recommended it to me while it was on sale, so I thought I'd give it a shot! I was pleasantly surprised at how mature this game was and how real each character felt. Arthur himself is a great protagonist; his personality is dynamic and you just kind of synchronize with him! Even with a linear story and limited customization options I can watch a video and be like "That's not my Arthur" if that makes sense XD. Overall, I would definitely recommend RDR2 it tells a great western story without feeling generic.

Just be aware it's a long ride! (Took me nearly 60 hours to finish!)

Obscure Gems

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines

Troika Games Steam

THE roleplaying vampire PC game. Built on the Source engine, sustained by the blood of a dedicated modding community. While combat can be a bit clunky, the writing and atmosphere are unmatched, you're really going to feel immersed in this world! Malkavians FTW!!

P.S I'm sorry to say it, but I have no confidence for Bloodlines 2 :(

The Cat Lady

Harvester Games Steam

The Cat Lady is a beautifully dark game. It's tactful and the main character, Susan is written so well. Susan is relatable and it's easy to sympathize and invest yourself in her story. I don't want to say much, as this is definitely a game you'll want to go into blind. Also look at that gorgeous art style, it's so unique!

Mirror's Edge

DICE Steam

There's nothing quite like Mirror's Edge. Every little detail in the game contributes to this unexplainable feeling of beauty and freedom. The art direction is some of the best I've ever seen, it's sleek and utilitarian yet stunning and impactful. The gameplay is fulfilling, there is triumph in maintaining a "flow" state. Don't even get me started on the music, "Still Alive" is iconic! There won't ever be another game like Mirror's Edge, and that's okay because there doesn't have to be.

Sewer Rave

Autumn Rain

Fun little exploration game with a charming blend of nihilism and chill vibes

E.Y.E Divine Cybermancy

Streum On Studio Steam

Very strange FPS-RPG on the Source engine. large range of mechanics from hacking to slashing! a unique albeit unpolished experience worth going through atleast once.

System Shock

Looking Glass Studios Steam

The pioneer of the 0451 immersive sim genre. Clunky controls by today's standards but enjoyable and addictive. Also lets be honest here, SHODAN steals the show!

Deadly Premonition

Access Games Steam

A quirky, charming and unforgettable game akin to Twin Peaks. If I may be so brazen, you would do well to be wary of clunky mechanics and poor optimization. So says Mr Stewart.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R Series

GSC Gameworld Steam

Based on the Strugatsky brother's novel "A Roadside Picnic" (A great book btw), the S.T.A.L.K.E.R games are immersive shooters with a dreadful and lonely atmosphere. Having just barely pulled through a tumultuous development hell, the games were a bit rough around the edges but quickly spawned a dedicated cult following!

Hypnospace Outlaw

Tendershoot Steam

An absolute must play if you are into 90's web design. Step into a alternate reality of the years preceding Y2K. Fun mechanics and engaging storyline. A lovely expereince.