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What's Been on Repeat?

Previous entries

Name Artist Last featured on
Never Fade Away Refused 10/13/23
Die Toteninsel (Emptiness) 1000 Eyes 1/20/23
Glory Heaven Pierce Her 1/3/23
I'm Moovin' Nis Scoutellite/SYRSA 12/12/22
Quiet's Theme Akihiro Honda 10/13/22
Waiting For You Akira Yamaoka 9/5/22
Moonlight Shadow E-rotic 8/15/22
Around the World ATC 6/27/22
Forever Siah 5/28/22
Industrial Blue Jerry Lehr 5/14/22
Refused - Never Fade Away

Music I like


Favorite Tracks: I Miss You, Always, Feeling This, Ghost on The Dancefloor, On Some Emo Shit, Dammit, First Date

Classic Pop-Punk! If you're ever singing tom's parts you HAVE to say it like he would! it's the LAW!

My Chemical Romance

Favorite Tracks: Helena, Cancer, Cemetery Drive, I'm not Okay (I Promise)

If you're Emo, you already know what's up. That part in Helena that starts with "Can you hear me?" is like *MORPHINE ADMINISTERD*

Chiasm Bandcamp

Favorite Tracks: Space Lights, Isolated, Mice on a Wheel, Are You Okay? (original mix)

If you're a Goth gamer, you might recognize Chiasm from Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines, the song Isolated is a classic! Her later work takes on a new direction, but is absolutely packed with emotion. Definetly check her out!

Linkin Park

Favorite Tracks: One More Light, Crawling, Numb, In the End, Breaking the Habit, Somewhere I Belong

When I think about Linkin Park, all that comes to mind is Chester. His ability to balance between yelling and softly singing is unmatched. I don't believe in angels, but Chester might have been one. Rest well, thank you for being a light in the darkness for millions.

Renard (An Emma Essex alias) Bandcamp

Favorite Tracks: Intensive Care Unit, Forcing You Into My Life, In Stereo (rmx), The Dark, System Failure, Scrape The Heavens

Renard is probably the catalyst for my musical tastes. It all started with Intensive Care Unit, you've probably heard it somewhere, every YTPMV back in the day used it as a BGM. Ever since then I've listened to just about all the Lapfox era aliases, but Renard has always stuck with me the most.

Akira Yamaoka

Favorite Tracks: Promise, You're Not Here, The Day of Night, I Want Love, Waiting For You

I adore the atmosphere of Silent Hill, and the music is in a league of its own. Yamaoka has a great range, from heavy industrial noise, soothing ambience, to alt rock, he does it all perfectly. Shoutout to Mary Elizabeth McGlynn for her awesome vocal work!

Susumu Hirasawa

Favorite Tracks: Gattsu, The Girl In Byakkoya, Forces, Big Brother

I'm not sure what to clasify Hirasawa's music under, but it really is something worth listening to! I absolutely adore the vocal work, there's always this ethereal feel to it, even when it's distorted.