Melvin's World!

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Back when Chrome browser extensions were all the rage, I found this tool that changed every picture into Cage! Immediately, I started to hatch the greatest prank of all time... Cage's face would be all over my school >:3c! So, you wanna know how I pulled it off huh? Truth is, 'game was rigged from the start! Being pretty decent at troubleshooting, I was entrusted with some computer passwords and was generally our unofficial IT person. Some of my old friends still call me a "hacker" because of this XD. So, with admin access and some help from my friends, we were able to gradually install the extension onto most lab computers and some of the classroom computers. I was of course responsible for helping get rid of the "virus" afterwards, no one ever suspected a thing :3. *Lifts jacket collar, adjusts hat and disappears into a rainy alley. There's a wall at the end of the alley so I hide behind a dumpster until you leave*