Melvin's World!


11/11/23 - Added Fishlamp and Me2 Universe to the oddities page. Added some new monsters/weps/rings to the Lunacid fanpage.

11/2/23 - Added Wonderland Online to PFOG page. Added Banang to the Bar.

10/16/23 - Had to replace an embed on the YTPMV page to a reupload of a video.

10/14/23 - Added Cyberpunk 2077 to recent plays.

10/2/23 - Added Selaco to the secret code page

9/25/23 - The GameTap writeup is taking much longer than expected and I want to take a break from it. Adding what I have now. Also created the translator for the Lunacid fan page. Expect some errors on both of these additions. I'll fix it when I can.

8/19/23 - Added JA3 to recent plays.

7/25/23 - Attempted to optimize code on The Cage Page. I think I broke more than I fixed; might need to rebuild from scratch sometime. Also added new things to the Lunacid fan site. I moved some of the code to external JS files as having everything on the one document was making the Neocities editor lag.

7/7/23 - Finally got around to getting Virtual Springfield to work. Updated its entry on the Oddities page!

7/3/23 - Just got back from Anthrocon; had an awesome time! Really enjoyed some of this year's performances! I'm exhausted now though; I could go for a month's worth of sleep but alas, its back to the grind! I also have some site additions planned eventually(TM).

6/9/23 - Created some calculators for Gina's Code Korner, project #12. Also added a few more videos to the "TV" experiment, project #11

5/14/23 - Various fixes

4/22/23 to 5/6/23 - Completed pop-up window tv/remote experiment in Gina's Code Korner. Added Redfall to recent plays and the secret code page

4/21/23 - Merged Morpheus and Matrix page into one. Other minor adjustments throughout the site

4/20/23 - Spruced up the code behind the secret passcode entrance page. Added limited attempt numbers and fixed the redirects

4/14/23 - Just a bit of cleaning up

3/17/23 - Added some new sections to the Mabinogi page!

2/20/23 - Added monster section to the Lunacid fan-site

2/8/23 - Added most of the content I planned for the Lunacid fan-site. Fixed most of the page's display issues on Chrome and Edge.

1/22/23 - Starting work on a Lunacid fan-site/page.

1/18/23 - More adjustments to my file directory; mostly just cleaning up and making things a little neater.

1/16/23 - Added Bioshock to the secret code page. I'll add Bioshock 2 and Infinite when I get around to it. Also have been working on breaking up my one stylesheet to have one for each of my more unqiue pages. This will make things more orginized on my end. (hopefully :p)

1/13/23 - Added Inscryption to Recent Plays

12/26/22 to 1/3/23 - Added Signalis to Recent Plays and the secret code page. More additions to the Incognito section of the Desura WebDiver issue.

12/25/22 - Added objects section to the Oddities page. So far added a entry for my Portal themed mug and water bottle!

12/9/22 - Debuting my new page, WebDivers today with the mostly finished issue on digital distribution platform, Desura! After literally 2 months of development, hopefully it's been worth the wait. Expect a variety of fixes/additions over the coming weeks as I move everything from my offline build!

10/7/22 to 10/13/22 - Added G-AMP to YTPMV page to showcase popular BGM. Added new game to the secret code page. Various minor fixes

10/7/22 - Minor adjustments to GCK. Added Ronald McDonald section to YTPMV page

9/30/22 to 10/4/22 - Added Deathloop to recent plays, new code project in GCK and added a bioshock themed banner ad

9/2/22 to 9/19/22 - Added Gaia Online to PFOG. Added Max Payne 3 and The Procession to Calvary to Recent Plays. Added Seinfeld themed button and made a button for a friend's secret page.

9/1/22 - Added Runescape and Pirates of The Caribbean Online to the PFOG page!

8/30/22 - Added new sections and pictures to the Mabi page!

8/17/22 - Added new images to Oddities page and made a new secret drink for the bar

7/24/22 to 7/28/22 - Improved 007 Nightfire description on Oddities page. Added a couple of things to the Brute Force description on the Xbox page. Added new game to the secret keypad page

7/21/22 - Built this chat thing for Gina's Code Korner. Will use it as a base for later projects hopefully!

7/14/22 - Added Red Alert 3 button

7/12/22 - Added button to manually randomize the banner ad on home page. Added "Java" to drink selection in bar. Added more characters to The Edge Zone.

7/11/22 - Added "This is Bob" and "Press X to Jason" buttons + Planescape torment banner ad. Added pictures of Dante and Raiden to The Edge Zone. Added disc pictures to the bar. Made a changelog.

7/2/22 - Recently figured out how to rotate images in CSS and JavaScript. Remade Jukebox in the bar, now fully functional!


WebDivers released!


WebDivers is a page where I loosely document old websites that I used to visit via the Wayback machine!

Gina's Code Korner released!


Added a page where I keep track of my JavaScript progress and experiment!

Xbox page released!


Added a memories page dedicated to the original Xbox, the console I grew up on!

Oddities page released!


Take a look at some relics from the past! Some small personal stories as well.

Melvin's World released to the public!


After 4 years in development, hopefully it's been worth the wait!



On this day I started working on Melvin's World! Atleast in this form, there were many prototypes going as far back as late 2017!